Handloom Yarn dyed fabrics

We are specialiesed in mill yarn dyed fabrics . We do yarn dyed fabrics like chambray, Tie and dyed yarn fabrics, checks, stripes, etc in cotton, silk wool yarns. We use high quality azo free, ecofriendly colours for dyeing. Our colours are fast against rubbing, sun, washing. We also do natural colours made from Vegetables or fruits or from trees. These colors are enough fast to stand any test.

Handloom Piece dyed fabrics

We are doing Piece dyed fabrics also. We dye any kind of fabrics using Jigger machine with expert dyers with a minimum charges. Our colours are fast. We dye khadi fabrics also with same expertise. We can dye scarves also as per buyers requirement.

Handloom check fabrics

In Yarn dyed fabrics we do Check fabrics using different constructions, changing Denting, plying of yarns etc. We have very good range of checks.

Handloom stripe fabrics

In stripe fabrics we have a wide range of self stripes, yarn dyed stripes etc. using various construction in cotton, silk, linen etc.

Matka Fabrics

We are specialised in Matka fabrics with lot of varieties with handspun Matka, Mill matka, Twisted matka, Throwster, Ketya etc. We are now developing Matka mixed with Viscose, Noil, Cotton yarn fabrics etc.

Jamdani fabrics

One of our expertise in Jamdani fabrics.We make jamdani fabrics of very high quality craftsmanship with our most skilled weavers. Our jamdani work are very much appreciated by our clients.