Frequently asked questions.

Q. What is Khadi?
A. Khadi means handspun yarn made fabrics. The cotton and silk cocoon produred and then by CHARKHA it is spinned by hand and made into yarn of different ocunt. Mainly village women spin and make yarns. The khadi yarns are not highly twisted and that is why the fabrics made from it is very much comfortable in wearing. It generates no static electricity within body and keep the body warm in winter and cool in summer. In this case, Khadi is very much Indian products.

Q. What is Natural Yarn?
A. Natural yarn mean the yarn which are found in nature and made from natural fibre. The natural fibre is like cotton, silk, linen wool etc.

Q. What is jacquard?
A. Jacquard is a part of machine which could be used in loom to make various textural fabrics and make intricate design upon the fabrics.

Q. What is Jamdani?
A. Jamdani is very unique technique of weaving mostly famous in Bengal. It is extra weft technique and by this technique various designs could be inserted upon the base fabrics. The most skillful weavers are capable of doing jamdani and it is a Bengal’s weaving heritage.

Q. What is muslin?
A. Khadi fabrics is also known as Muslin fabrics. Muslin fabrics are handmade soft feeling fabrics. I has various count starting from 0s to 600s.

Q. What is denting?
A. Denting is preparatory work before starting weaving. Denting is made by passing the yarns through the reed. The village women are engaged in this work.

Q. What is shuttle?
A. A shuttle is a device used with a loom is thrown back and forth between the threads of the warp in order to weave in the weft. Shuttles are made of wood because it is so hard, resists splintering, and finishes very smooth.