Our Products :-

Our products are very sophisticated yet very natural. We are from the eastern part of India and our products show their immense potentiality of Bengal's handloom creativity. Here, in Bengal, the most finest count of yarn is made by hand and woven into fabrics. We are dealing with natural fibers like cotton, silk, linen etc. and blending of these. We are specialized in handspun, handwoven fabrics,i.e. Khadi and it varies from 0s count to 500s count, world's ever finest count of handwoven fabrics. It has the unique property of keeping the wearer warm in winter as well as cool in summer. We are making scarves, made ups, pareos, panels etc. with natural fibres. We are also concentrating on making Organic khadi fabrics with vegetable colours which has a great appeal and demand as well. We also do block printing, batik, shibori.

Product Range :-

Our products Category include:

A) Fabrics – Khadi fabrics, Handwoven yarn dyed fabrics, matka fabrics, organic cotton fabrics

B) Scarf - Handwoven silk, cotton, linen scarf, jacquard scarf, jamdani scarf, printed scarf, block print scarf etc.

Our Quality :-

We are committed to our buyer about the quality of our products. We never use any synthetic fiber in our products. Our products are 100% Handwoven quality and the dyestuffs we use are azo-free and at par world standard. We follow strict inspection and checking measures before despatch by our inspectors.

Our Strength :-

i) Expert weavers.

ii) Skilled labours.

iii) Expert dyeing professionals.

iv) Steady follow up of order and timely delivery.